Social Media Branding

Project background

  1. Started as a social media consultant to help Urbanears with branding in social, set-up of routines and processes within the team and taking over responsibility for all their social media accounts.

  2. The task was to keep our channels active to increase visibility and the goal to grow followers and overall engagement.

    Creative results

  1. I set-up tactical strategies for their Instagram + Tik Tok to reach the goals.

  2. I created a tone of voice in social media and build relationships with customers through customer service in our social channels. That strategy is still in use today, 1 year later.

Final results

  • +12.000 new followers on Tik Tok in 6 months

  • +5000 new followers on Instagram

  • more sales (confidential)

  • Engaged followers who interacted with the content

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