UX-writing Melodifestivalen

Project background

  1. The client was Melodifestivalen. They had an application called Melfest Live that was showcasing behind the scenes of artists during the tour.

  2. The task was to create an engaging copy of the content in the app, so they had more downloads before the festival = more viewers of the program.

Creative results

  1. I had to create a tone of voice that was in line with the content that was published in the app. (I also did that part).

  2. The end goal was to increase ticket sales to the arenas around Sweden. Our concept was built around the idea of ​​creating fun, different, competition-based activities and challenges. As well as exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews and loads of creative content and copywriting.

Final results

  • +2000 downloads within one month

  • more sales (confidential)

  • Engaged audience during the festival period

  • Happy client! (we got to do it 3 years in a row).

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